We believe that education is the best way to give Pakistani children hope and an alternative to extremism. Educating girls will ensure that future families will be educated.

The Citizens Foundation
FOPUSA donated $5000 for two important projects: The Aagahi Literacy project and stocking a high school library.

Phengali School
For the past five years, FOPUSA donated $2000 per year to support scholarships for ten girls to attend Phengali Girls High School in a village outside Lahore. We still have $1107 left to raise by June 2013. Please pledge NOW.

Design for Change
This global initiative encourages creativity among children by having them identify solutions to problems in their world. FOPUSA contributed $5000 to this program so they could hire two part-time staff.

Government Girls Inter College, Rerra Azad Kashmir
Of all the news of violence out of Pakistan, nothing shocked the world more than last year’s shooting of Malala Yousafzai, a teenage schoolgirl who was targeted for the sin of wanting to learn.

Friends of Pakistan USA has this year decided to partner with intercollege progams based in remote areas of Pakistan  to fund the education of young women who are unable to attend the 11th and 12th grades or are at risk of dropping out because of finances.

Seen on the back of a Lahore auto rickshaw
Photo and translation by Carla Petievich courtesy of the Hoshyar Foundation

The first of our new project partners is the  Girls Government Inter College, Rera, Azad Kashmir, the same school that received a complete set of books from FOPUSA to outfit its new library in 2011. We were impressed with the enthusiasm of this school that had been completely destroyed, then rebuilt with USAID after the 2005 earthquake. It seemed the ideal location to launch a new project to foster American-Pakistani friendship.

The presence of strong leadership and a trusted contact gave us confidence to work directly with a grassroots group, the School Management Committee, in awarding six scholarships based on need, ability, and motivation to complete the two years of intercollege. At a maximum annual cost of only $133 per girl we will be able to develop a project model that can be used at any school, private or public, that meets our basic criteria for strong local leadership, community “buy-in” and basic communications.

Hoshyar Foundation, Mansehra, Khyber Paktunkwa
This year we begin a partnership with Hoshyar Foundation, a nonrofit based in Austin Texas, focusing on empowerment of Pakistani women through education. Pakistan has a desperate need for nurses and midwives. Our pilot program will focus on funding tuitions to help girls complete the necessary 11th and 12th grades in order to enter midwife training. The estimated cost per student is only $15 to $20 per month - a small investment with a very big return

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